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why choose us?

Fresh Foodz Markets LLC provides fresh, healthy foods to a food-barren community that currently has no such options. The market works to stimulate growth in revenue for farmers and gardeners, and share knowledge with consumers that may be passed down the generations. We truly believe our efforts of working the ground are not in vain; however, we need the seeds of support to really make our garden flourish!

why we’re different?

In contrast to our competitors, most appreciate the quality of our products. All of our products are locally grown 100% organically, without the use of harmful GMO's or pesticides. Not only is our food healthy, we are helping the community to help itself!

what to expect?

· Fresh, sustainable, locally-grown, healthy food will become a fixture in the community
· An economic boost to local farmers, gardeners and other health-conscious vendors
· A new social and educational venue, hosting parties and interactive food programs where families can learn together
· As the township and neighboring communities embrace healthier lifestyles, people will feel better and their health will improve

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We are developing the most innovative, nutritious, free-form and organic foods ever. The futre of health food is right here.

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