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The Kidz Oasis is a program that encourages the younger generation (age: 10-15 year) to blossom in something amazing. Parents and children crave quality educational programs, yet most programs don’t provide the skills required for children to fulfill their dreams. The Kidz Oasis offers a fun, creative, supportive environment where children learn self-confidence, responsibility and community involvement. in this program, we help our children learn how to achieve their goals, now and into adulthood. We offer a wide range of classes, including:
– Etiquette
– Entrepreneurship
– Health
– The Garden and Eco-system
– Tea Club {gloves and hat – part of uniform}
We strive to bring evolving knowledge to young minds. It is our sincere goal to contribute something good to this world through the children we teach. Whether your child simply wants to have fun and enjoy life, or overcome hardships that have suppressed their true potential, The Kidz Oasis provides a nurturing environment that is like a family outside of the home.

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